Los Angeles

It was a well deserved week of sunshine and warm weather. Keith and I took the opportunity to cat sit for friends in Santa Monica. I didn’t take a laptop. I only took one camera body and one lens and my Iphone 5s (i know, right?). We rode the bus. (bus pants!) We biked. We stopped where we wanted. We walked blocks and blocks. We ate tacos. And thai. And donuts. And burgers. Walked the beach at sunset and sat in the sand and watched the ocean. I delighted in seeing some of our favorite places and I loved that we discovered new places as well. Things change so quickly around LA. But some stay the same. The traffic moves along fast and slow and so do the people. Places that were there a year ago no longer are. Places that were there 5 years ago still remain.

Here is a collection of images. Things I found interesting. Things that I stopped and turned around and went back to look at. Mostly Iphone pics but I did plan ahead for some trips and took my Canon along. So those are mixed in there as well. Enjoy!